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Security & Privacy

Unity Consulting Pty Ltd complies with Australia Privacy legislation, including the associated Australian Privacy Principles.

None of our software products stores user information away from the user’s device and all software is designed and implemented with security in mind. We have no access to any user device that is running our software.

We do not maintain any register of software customers, all sales and free downloads being made anonymously (from our perspective) though the Apple App Store.
We do not have visibility of, nor collect, details of any individual user payment via the Apple App Store.

Contact details of users who participate in software testing, or who contact us for other reasons, are held securely on Unity Consulting’s internal systems (not in any Cloud storage) and we do not provide your details to any third party for any reason.

Ethical, value-for-money customer focus.

Our mission is to create useful, ethical, user focussed software.


Southern Highlands
NSW, Australia


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Security & Privacy

  Security & Privacy Policy