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NET Symptoms

NET Symptoms records Neuroendocrine patient symptoms and factors (events that could trigger or exacerbate symptoms). The App allows the user to monitor symptoms over time, including the ability to compare specific symptoms and factors.  If the user records Treatment events (e.g. Lanreotide injection) then the App will chart symptoms by day of treatment cycle and also clearly identify treatments on other charts, allowing visual assessment of treatment effects on symptoms.

Easy and Simple to Use

Recording of an event occurrence is simple and fast: usually just tap Event name (e.g. "Fatigue"), pick severity level (e.g. "Moderate"), tap "Store".

Privacy Assured

All user information is stored on the iPhone, not somewhere in the Cloud.  No information is shared unless the user chooses to do so and with whom.  The developer has no third-party interests or conflict of interest.


Reporting and Charting

Chart by day, by hour of day, or by day of treatment cycle, showing total symptom load, number of symptom occurrences, or average symptom severity.  When a single event is chosen for charting, compare up to 3 other events as a side-by-side barchart.

Report by day, by location, by specific event, and view time sequences of images (e.g. changes to face flushing).

Email the reports/charts to whomever you choose.

Expand and explore charts

The colours of a bar's components match those of the Event list. Each component, or the whole bar, can be selected to show further detail of event occurrence.

Tailor event list to suit your needs

The list of sysmptoms and factors can be edited to reflect your situation.


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