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A generalised iPhone & Watch App for recording and charting events.

Can be used for tracking symptoms of an illness, including factors that might trigger or exacerbate the symptoms.  But can also be used for logging any defined set of events, such as instances of harassment/bullying.

Domain Events

A Domain is a set of predefined events, e.g. Illness Symptoms & Factors, for which occurences (Observations) need to be recorded and monitored.

Currently, we define Domains and then add them to the App Store.  A future release will allow user definition of Domains.

Associate Health Data

Available Health data can be associated with an Observation and included in reports and charts.



Recording of an Observation is quick and simple, with predefined selections of event status (e.g. symptom severity). An image and annotation can be included, and location is recorded automatically if allowed.

Multiple Reporting and Charting Options

Report by time period, specifc event(s), location (e.g. work vs home).

Chart by day, hour of day, day of week, day between milestone, and compare event occurrences.


Southern Highlands
NSW, Australia


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